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  • The number of digital campaign analytics technologies and companies has blossomed, and their tags are proliferating. MediaMind found that the number of ads with two or more third party tags -- which help track ad interactions, brand impact, and measure for campaign optimization -- rose 267% from 2011 to 2013. Today, almost a third of digital ads employ more than one tag, up from around 25% in 2011.

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  • Advertisers doing lots of geo-targeted advertising with a variety highly-targeted messages based on location and demographic information tend to have the most tag appendages, such as auto, telecom and CPG brands.

  • The number of conversion tags, which track whether people complete an action via an ad, such as signing up to download a white paper or purchasing an item, is way up, along with the number of events they track. The number of tags used by the top 10% of advertisers rose 49% since 2010, and events tracked leapt 460%.